The Tool Box opens. Ensure that the flap comes at the right when you face towards the printer. You can order consumables from Dell online when using a networked printer. This chapter describes how to install the printer’s options such as the memory module and optional sheet feeder. Hold the feeder with both hands, and remove it from the printer.

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Dell 2155cn Specifications

To configure the wireless network interface. Dell 2155cdn color mfp not emit a tone when a problem occurs. Restart printer to apply new settings Enter 3 to put the printer in the power saver timer mode 2155dcn minutes after it finishes a job. Are any Kodak printers compatable with windows RT. For regular printing, items can be configured using the printer driver.

Dell 2155cdn color mfp use toner cartridge of another manufacturer. Sets the DH group. See “Printing Font Sample List” for instructions on how to print samples of the fonts. The copy time varies, based on network traffic and other factors.

Windows RT compatible Dell/HP printers

Color Yellow -3 mf; 3 Balance Dens. A Password dialog box appears the first time you try to change settings on Tool Box when Panel Lock is set on the printer.

The shared printer name is the name assigned during the server installation process. These pages show the details of the status regarding each protocol or the print jobs. Copying Loading Paper for Dell 2155cdn color mfp The instructions for loading documents colro the same whether you are printing, faxing, or copying. Displays whether to lock the Fax service with a password. For my other comment can you connect any printer via USB?

Margin Middle To specify the middle margin of the copy: Use only laser print media. Prints in black and white. To set a limited access to Cilor Menu with a password, and dell 2155cdn color mfp set or change the password. Leaving the document cover open while copying may affect the copy quality and increase the toner consumption.

The document name is displayed. For information on how to configure the FTP service, refer to the manual provided with the software. The fuser is hot. Delll the Printer Menus When your printer is connected to dell 2155cdn color mfp network and 2155cvn to a number of users, the access to the Admin Menu can be limited.

Fan the print media before loading it in the standard sheet tray. Enter 3 to put the printer in power saver mode 3 minutes after it finishes a job.

When you are ready to print the job, fell to the printer and use the operator panel menus to identify which job in the memory you want to print.

Dell retard rollers are available only through Dell.

Configuring Settings Mgp the optional accessories are verified as installed. Readme files may be included on your CD to provide Off indicates that the tone is disabled.


Go to action 6. Hold the feeder dell 2155cdn color mfp both hands, and remove it from the printer. The typefaces you select add personality to a document. Re-enter Enters the community name used for trap again to Community confirm it.