Gom, do I know you? Driver Cleveland Launcher HB. Very interesting and helpful article. This thing was crazy long, I was able to hit it as far as yds really long for me with FW but it was not the easier head to hit flush as it was on a really really long shaft. Very easy way to compare the drivers and get an idea of what to ask for when you are ready for a change. In addition to his editorial responsibilities, he was instrumental in developing MyGolfSpy’s data-driven testing methodologies and continues to sift through our data to find the insights that can help improve your game.

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Why Buy Certified Pre-Owned?

Anyone paying attention knew something like that was going on. A good round begins with successful shots off of the tee, and a driver that matches your attack angle will give you the best opportunity to find more fairways consistently.

Taylormade M2 9.

George Smith on July 7, 6: If you discount at the same time, the consumer is more likely to save the money and get the older version. However, I found the Speed Step crown combined with the face marking to be quite busy at address, the Speed Step Crown would have been tsylormade enough on its own. In simple terms, TaylorMade’s market share was betwfen in part on its highly-regarded new products. What you need is a multi-brand strategy, ultimately, and a multi-technology platform, because difference between taylormade r11 and r11s need to be credibly telling different stories.


Seemingly overnight, TaylorMade was a decade ahead of everyone. Ultimately the marketing machine of Taylormade and the idea of always having the next best thing led to their demise.

Drivers Guide – Bob Gomavitz | Golf Discount Blog

Too bad, cuz most would really notice a positive difference…Anyway, well done. If it were the other way around and found yourself inthe thick stuff, it would be teh other way around. This sounds just like several companies that are Wall Street driven. Taylormade lost the prestige.

He said that was a little simplistic, especially difference between taylormade r11 and r11s discussing a publicly traded company. Ian Dunn 2 years ago. I would say he is right on for the others too. With their OptiFit system and no charge shaft offerings, a player should be able to dial in an excellent driver for their bag. Gets more distance than what? Once again, a really fantastic story.

How about a free lesson with a driver purchase?

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Putter Bettinardi Queen B8. This is a great story and makes so much sense. March 29, 0 Expert Review: Anyway, I did on my. Tom P 6 years ago.

Waiting for the redirectiron

It gives the consumer a confidence that there is a real difference and not just a marketer up selling you. Gilbert Gonzalez 2 years ago.

The result…10 drives at an average of yards within 10 feet of each other! You want something heavy enough to feel difefrence complement your tempo, but light enough to swing at max speed over the course of 18 holes if necessary. The previous season TaylorMade had stunned the world once again.

New Drivers  EMACHINE T3042 DRIVER

Conan on July 7, 6: Even with the COR restrictions, some players will see gains in distance with the proper set up that matches fifference swing styles. Edsel 3 years ago.

The R11S driver was a solid, if unspectacular, follow-up to the R11, but what knocked the industry on its ass was RocketBallz. By placing the Core up or down, or in the left or right Ditference, players difference between taylormade r11 and r11s change the ball flight and control the bias. So less trips to the thick stuff to find the ball!!!

Bill 2 years ago. Your recently purchased clubs sill had significant trade in difference between taylormade r11 and r11s a year later. And unfortunately neither presidential candidate we have left will fix this mess either whereas Bernie Sanders at least shed light on the problem. Hunt Hibler on July 7, 5: Other OEMs came out w some good stuff, too.

Vapor Fly Pro Driver Shaft: So consumers are more likely to wait it out for the newer model and get the one they really want.

My hook is now a baby draw.