Really plug and play. One MAC address was for the wired nic and the other was for the wireless nic. Out of the box the camera is really easy to set up within your home network- no problem! Find out what IP address your camera is operating on. The picture quality in the email is excellent. The quality of the video is pretty impressive also.

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Bottom line is this device works exactly as designed and advertised. We have never had security issues, but now I can remotely monitor my property when we foscam wireless ip camera not at home. Great productthe on-the-phone support is adequate, you can tell they are rushed to get off the phone.

I purchased this product directly from the manufacturer due to foscam wireless ip camera disclaimer on their website that states they only offer support to products purchased from them directly. It took ten minutes to get the first pictures, and another couple of hours to configure. If you have ever messed around with a router configuration and you know how to follow written instructions, then you’ll be able to setup this camera.

Now I just need to get the author to add support for the microphone and speaker so I can use it as a fully fledged baby monitor. The setup for allowing access to the camera outside your foscam wireless ip camera network does require some specialized knowledge on how to configure port forwarding on your router.

You are essentially done at this step if you want to be, because everything should be working correctly at this point, but if you want to have an easier web address to give to friends and family, continue to step I have a Droid so I went right into the app store and surprisingly there are a bunch foscam wireless ip camera free apps that you can use, and they work!

At close distances it’s sufficient.

Seting up wireless was easy. I installed it in the barn to watch over foscqm dozen goats that are due to have kids. Theses Fw are the ones to get, save yourself headache and toscam Foscam at least set-up on and pay attention.

Can’t recommend this device highly enough. Once the unit is setup, you really don’t have to go in foscam wireless ip camera again. Guide to Port Forwarding — Belkin Routers.

Camera works like a charm.

I would even pay a little more foscam wireless ip camera they would increase the camera resolution. Overall, I’m happy with this camera for the build, features, and functionality at such a low cost despite the wifi issues.

I bought previous cameraa of the Foscam cameras and this is by far the best one I’ve gotten from them.

The signal has to go through my house, then through the metal garage door and steel entry door that face my house. It actually was not that hard It wasn’t very easy to setup. Reboot and unplug Ethernet cable.

Foscam FIW Wireless IP Camera

This camera is great. The picture quality in the email is excellent.

The silver model appears to have some problems. I will be order another camera asap. Found out the hard way that wifi is very problematic.

It’s confusing foscam wireless ip camera poorly explained. Easy to control via my android phone and iphone. I will be converting to POE soon. I am a Verizon Fios customer and it took me some time to identify that you should NOT allocate port 80 to the camera.

Makes me uncomfortable not having https for sending account and password over the internet.