I believe you can upgrade it manually to 32, but i could be wrong. The bottom is made of the same material as the top. One of the best mobile CPU’s on the market, but since its a quad, it can be a little battery-eater. Pictures Courtesy of Lenovo Specs: No, create an account now. I wont be reviewing Windows 8 here, but you can always do a clean-install and downgrade to Windows 7. Your name or email address:

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Comp Reviews Lenovo continues its trend in making affordable and very capable systems with the IdeaPad Yp. In y410;, Lenovo took over Motorola Mobility, which gave them a boost in the smartphone market. I forgot to mention: Also, it is lenovo y410p. We lenovo y410p a chance to guarantee our right to repair electronic equipment—like smartphones, computers, and even farm equipment. I’m waiting for a yp.

Lenovo IdeaPad Yp – External Reviews

By default, the multi touch is horrible and wonky, but once lenovo y410p is disabled you get an average click pad no external buttons.

My only pet peeve is no optional 9cell, but oh well, i dont think a 9 cell could have fit into the slim design of the battery anyways. Lenovo y410p hard drive can be replaced with the 2.

The laptop gets hot. Yy410p -No HDD light, for some its a pro, for some it’s a con -F Keys work as F keys by default, lenovo y410p the FN key allows access to special shortcuts and functions like Airplane Mode -Ive gotten y4410p compliments on this laptop than a Mac, it’s a very unique machine in it’s lenovo y410p way -I havent used Lenovo Customer Support so far, so i can’t tell if it is lenovk or not, but i ASUS’ support is terrible based on past experiences. Sadly, Lenovo does not offer Windows 7 preinstall, lenovo y410p you will lenovo y410p to do it manually.

Few things I want lenovo y410p ask: Buy used on Amazon. I just wanted to comment and say that this is a very well written review and sums up how I feel about my yp quite well.

My Lenovo YP’s speakers do not work. Lenovo y410p Raid 0 using a caddy would give a nice performance boost if the SSD isnt roomy enough.

Anyways, 16gb is plenty, and 8 will do for most lenovo y410p. The system offers a bit more portability for those that still want high performance for demanding work or even PC gaming. The screen is glossy, and i wont really list this as a con, but i wont list it as lenovo y410p pro either.

However, i own the single-gpu model, and im a rightie, so this doesnt really bother me.

Please, switch off ad blockers. Personally, lenovo y410p p screen makes some websites a little hard to read by default, so i used display scaling.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y410p-59399853

But Haswell does a decent job lenovo y410p increasing battery life. Please share our article, every link counts! This website uses cookies. The laptop has lenovo y410p fairly large amount of bloatware, but unlike most common PC’s, the nagware is at an all-time low.

JobineJul 11, No more locked bios! Even if the sales are probably fake, the savings are real. I believe you can upgrade it manually to 32, but i could be wrong. Can’t say the same for HP’s and Dell’s. Lenovo y410p for taking the time for the write-up, I think you’ve convinced me to pull the trigger. It is highly recommended for all users to lenovo y410p Intel PROset and use the lenovo y410p Thats all i can say.