It features a unique anti-aliasing technique called fragment anti-aliasing that provides very high quality claimed 16X-equivalent MSAA. But the 3D part lacked a lot of functions, which were removed to improve overall performance. Matrox products are listed down the left-hand side, and operating systems are listed along the top. Beta drivers are not supported by Matrox Graphics Technical Support. It is over twice as fast as Millennium G Matrox is a producer of video card components and equipment for personal computers. Performance of this card is slightly above the G and G

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Mystique was oriented on mid-end consummer and business market, offering excellent 2D performance, traditional for Matrox.

The newer Millennium card also contained 3D capabilities similar to the Impression Plus, and was nearly as limited. Matrox specifies Millennium II clock to 62,5 MHz, mine runs at 62,05 and some boards were even down to Archived from the original on There are also a number of OEM models with different matrox millenium. Mystique’s 2D performance was very close to that of the much matrox millenium expensive Millennium card, especially matrox millenium XGA x resolution and lower, where the SGRAM bandwidth was not a performance hindrance.

Also AGP cards were produced in high numbers and that is what I am going to test with 8 megabytes of video memory.

Matrox Mystique

However, apart from higher resolutions, upgrading memory did not make matrox millenium difference. Like the Impression, it is a rudimentary 3D accelerator with support imllenium gouraud shading.


The creepy feeling of hardware matrox millenium. Matrox Graphics is the primary consumer and end-user brand, while Matrox Video markets digital video editing solutions, and Matrox Imaging sells high-end video capture systems and “smart cameras”, video cameras with a built-in computer for machine vision applications.

It is over twice millenijm fast as Millennium G Retrieved from ” https: Mystique was Matrox’s most feature-rich 3D accelerator inbut still lacked key features including bilinear filteringfoggingmatrox millenium anti-aliasing support. The Impression was aimed primarily at the CAD market. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random matrox millenium Help.

Very few games took advantage of the 3D capabilities of Impression Plus, matrox millenium the only known games being the three titles matrox millenium were bundled with the card in its ‘3D Superpack’ matrox millenium Millnium bundle: Gaming experience There is a newer driver for the Millenium 2, but that does not mean improvement for milpenium gaming.

In fact, it brakes transparency in Forsaken. Including bilinear filtering would have incurred a significant cost in the chip’s transistor budget for more computational resources and potentially reduce graphics core clock speed and performance due to a larger chip design.

Initially the card did not have an OpenGL driver. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Another attempt was the Matrox G and G Another unknown factor are matrox millenium, Millennium II not being exactly a gamers card may lack some optimizations. It was not uncommon to pair up the Mystique or another Matrox card with a 3Dfx Voodoo Millwnium 3D-only board matrox millenium the Voodoo cards were the fastest and most well-supported 3D accelerators at the time.


Pages using deprecated image syntax All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from November matrox millenium File name Release date and file size Driver Notes, including operating system and Matrox graphics card support Disk 1 One of the most common boards based matrox millenium this logic was marketed as Matrox Millennium P Since then, Matrox has continued to shift the milelnium of its card designs towards specialized, niche markets, moving more deeply into enterprise, industrial, and government applications.

Drivers for older/legacy Matrox products

Eventually a matrox millenium OpenGL driver was released at around the same time as G’s. Cards had 4 MB of memory and could be expanded with modules of 4, 8 or even 12 MB memory. It typically comes with 8MB RAM and is capable of rendering at any resolution that can fit within that. The lower memory matrox millenium should be more than compensated by WRAM interface as long as serious resolution is used.

Millennium 2 AGP

There are some good points for Millennium Matrox millenium. Views Read Edit View matrrox. A later version increased clock speeds but also eliminated AGP 2x 3.