A square golf club? First off, trajectory was higher than what I expect from an 8. I love the Sand Trap reviews. This is definitely one of the best sounding square drivers we have tested and the feel right across the face was very good too. Oddly, the trajectory and height was better and easier to control with the Dymo 2. Each club at address. On the dymo2 driver which is no different to my driver is less loud on the impact sound and the colour is just just a dull comparred to my driver which is a bright yellow colour that i love.

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Tried everything else and none had the grouping nike golf – sq dymo2 str8-fit square the Dymo2 had…not even close. The Adams has fantastic distance but was a little erratic possibly the Matrix stock shaft and the Cleveland was the most consistent in gokf and distance was same as Adams. Nike Straight Dymo 2. Design and Technology The folks at Nike, like many other companies and Nike themselves in previous years, are offering two models in the Dymo line: The trajectory was not as high as some square drivers, which tend to go higher due to the extra backspin they put on.

If I Was King of Golf. The CG is higher and more forward for the lower lofts to reduce spin and create a more penetrating ball flight. Center of gravity placement and face angle vary by loft. I have the Sumo and I have tried the Dymo twice.


Highly recommend this club, only problem is it sounds like a college baseball bat, but if I hit it like that again I want people squars turn and see the shot! Looking forward to next season! This system is idiot-proof: Workability with the Dymo is right on with what Nike promises.

Nike SQ Dymo 2 Square STR8-Fit Driver – Nike Drivers – Golfbidder

I swore I would never buy a square driver as I was trying the Dymo2 is the 9. Though neither are traditional pear in shape, the rounded Dymo left is closer than the Dymo 2. The Nike went strighter and 30 yards farther than dymk2 XLS. Right Handed Left Handed Ladies.

The black and yellow stock shaft is another thing altogether.

However things are a little more complicated if you’re looking at a set of irons. Im definatly glad i bought this one instead i just i have turned 13 and i can hit this club about yards love this club. It is also very easy to hit a draw with the Dymo2 but it does make it a little harder th nike golf – sq dymo2 str8-fit square a fade the saft feels great also. Instead, they made the clubhead look large and clunky and did nothing but detract from the overall look of the club.

I love the Sand Trap reviews.

Nike SQ Dymo Squared and Dymo Squared STR-8 Fit drivers

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Nike say the maximum difference in their tests is 42 yards, so there is plenty of scope for movement. OK, I made that part up. Media Reviews Golf Monthly.


Nike SQ Dymo STR8-Fit Driver Review – Golfalot

The high trajectory did not, however, adversely affect distance. I was just wondering what that meant.

First of all I feel it sound like a tin can I wish it would sound more solid for the price I pay for…my distance is way ss from my ex Big Bertha 10 degree…. Nike has instead decided to tone that area of the clubhead down by replacing the silver with a much hike, darker grey Powerbow. So good that nike golf – sq dymo2 str8-fit square looks to make it into my bag for this season. All skill levels, those who want to shape shots Rick Wahlin, product engineering manager, Nike Golf: I also hit the speedline, r9, s91, launcher, ft-9, and the nike was wth the best of them, and cheaper too.

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All in all I expected more but with the right shaft I think this could be a real weapon in the rymo2. Of course they all come with the most poorly designed headcover in the industry. I first took out the round-headed Dymo.