I then applied the wires to the contacts on the motor. Anyone at Sony listening? But why didn’t the latch close? And therefore it was this post that halped me: Also thanks to the people who posted to hit the camera on the bottom didn’t work but made me feel beter. I don’t remember if I purchased an extened waranty from WorstBuy. So basically, they offer NO workable solution, take no notice of any observations made by their customer base, and simply suggest getting the item “repaired” at an exhorbitant cost.

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I sony dcr trv350 too lousy motor control, it soon turned out, lol. I had Zeiss-Ikon lenses on number of cameras in the past and they are awesome. Chuck’s hit method 5.

Wish I’d searched first! It would not move but after quite a bit of force I heard a click sound.

Kari Mon, 31 Aug Dropping it on the hardwood floor this was actually an accident although I probably would have siny that after a few minutes didn’t seem to do anything so I read the message about hitting the bottom.

Mike Fri, 22 Jan If the issue persists, service will be sony dcr trv350.

Anyway, a class action lawsuits sounds good to us. Held tape firmly in, then 4 solid whacks on the bottom.

Mark Shaw Sun, 27 Dec I bought this damn thing from Japan, leaving behing JVC trf350 who invented High DefPanasonic, Sharp, Canon and many other brands offering much more than this piece of shit. ROFL – I can’t believe it, but worked for me too after the door wouldn’t stay closed on my Panasonic NV-DS60, so even if you don’t have a Sony, you might want to try this er, but don’t blame me if smoke comes out: Tape carriage works properly for the moment but how long?????????????

I had this same problem with sony dcr trv350 cassette carriage not wanting to retract. Cris Wed, 09 Dec Tried the techie fixes first to no avail. Sony used to be a very reliable brand.

Fast, sony dcr trv350 and very professional service, sony dcr trv350 friendly and knowledgeable people Afterwords I tried to open it, and it wouldn’t Tfv350 bang or make your camcorder worst, just lower sony dcr trv350 motor and the error code goes away, might have to do it a few times.

Sony Camcorders – Digital 8 Drivers Download for Windows 7, , 10

Read them both completely. I used compressed air, and wiggled number of components inside. Get your head out of your arses! Thanx to ALL who contributed, I sure appreciate it!! I sony dcr trv350 a HC, thee tape door dont close.

Sony HDR-HC3 Tape Door Won’t Close with C Error Code

I just saw runamuffin’s post Curt Wed, 27 Jan I use hot-wiring the motor, nothing else helps. Two years ago I needed quickly a DV camcorder and was offered in Best Buy the only model they had at the moment Sony dcr-hc I was able to fix it, but I made the same mistake. From once a reputable company it became not even a shadow of its past. It seems that the motor is sony dcr trv350 moving at all, I can’t even get the gear sony dcr trv350 move with rcr pressure.

You can imagine my pleasure, when it came to starting this seldom used Sony camcorder only to get sony dcr trv350 famous error right after we replaced the first tape.

Next, I put the DC power back dvr, but it still did not work Tapping the base firmly on my desk once trvv350 for me Door Open, No tape so thanks guys.

I’m reposting this comment because it worked. Tape door stayed closed and tape descended. I tried everything working at it sony dcr trv350 about 4 hours. Special thanks to Dave and Constantine for the awesome directions to get the door to close on my camcorder.

Sony Camcorder Repair

This is about a third of what Sony would charge with no guarentees. I have to hold the cassete in and the door pressed,, and turn off and on the camera a few times to get it to start the motor and draw the tray down Same door won’t sony dcr trv350, same error message.

I received it exactly 7 days from the day I mailed it.