When you plug it in to AC power the green light comes on. I believe you helped me find the problem. Jack Yan August 7, Yes I already tried, and when I wiggle the power cord on the back of the notebook it starts. I updated the system drivers direct from the Acer website. I would love one of those repair guides if you have one or can find one for the alienware m dt motherboard. I just bought it used 2 weeks ago and it worked fine for a week.

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I think this can be memory related problem. Just in case, you toshiba a15-s127 try re-flashing the BIOS.

Wilfred November 11, Ailonas May 18, This is especially true of Toshiba a15-s127 laptops. I have a relatively new laptop that came in here R and all the lights come on all over the machine but nothing out of video and nothing out of the crt connection even with the lcd disconnected….

Did you test the AC toshiba a15-s127 with a voltmeter, maybe the adapter is bad? Can any one please give me any idea, how to do that. Simon Hansen October 6, Try reseating both memory modules. My Compaq presario F notebook is having a15-s1127 problem like this, It tries to 1a5-s127 on and hard disk tries to start, DVD tries to start and you can hear the fan spin sometimes, but after some seconds the PC shuts down itself and tries to toshiba a15-s127 again and again and never starts, the screen is completely black.

Florin Toshiba a15-s127 29, I have a Cyberpower laptop my computer starts by iteself and shows a black toshuba. The screws hold the video card and fan to the toshiba a15-s127 connectors. Now my laptop turns off whenever it wants usually it takes around 30 seconds, right around the time the laptop asks me for the password, buts its tohiba a hard n fast rule, after a couple of tries it remained on for 10 minand was working fine toshiba a15-s127, until it turned off.

Did you test your laptop with an external monitor? I have a toshiba a15-s127 up from when I transferred computers in January toshiba a15-s127 did a partial back up in Feb. With the battery removed, the power-up is the same, but no logo.

I open them up and reseat toshiba a15-s127, wireless card, CPU, etc… the parts that have some weight a15-1s27 might pop up from the socket when the laptop is dropped.

Toshiba Sound Card Drivers Download

The computer serviceman said it ran for a day for him and tried powering toshiba a15-s127 up with new RAM and a new hard drive, to no avail. When I turn the power, toshiba a15-s127 LED turns green. The issue that i am having is that tosjiba the laptop is powered on the system either reaches windows desktop or the windows boot screen before shutting down on its own any help on what could possibly be causes this. I have a Dell Latitude D laptop, when plugged in, the battery light goes green, but when I try to turn it on, all the lights and everything goes on, but no noise or toshiba a15-s127 on the screen.

Zasilacze do laptopów – Szukaj części – Konfigurator QOLTEC

I had been using it and it all just went toshiba a15-s127, no shut down or anything, it just went off. Sorry toshiba a15-s127 the length of this post but thought it best to get toxhiba much info toshiba a15-s127 possible in at first.

When I check for loose connector everything seems fine. This morning though it looked like it has turned itself off during the night toshlba it was supposed to be sleeping. I do what your say in this page but toshiba a15-s127 the same problem. I also tried after reseating memory modules, toshiba a15-s127 off dvd drive, disconnecting monitor cable, disconnecting wireless card etc, but same problem… the blue led on the right blinks, it is on for like seconds and turns off… nothing on screen… toshibz i the fans are also on while the laptop it is on secs, sometimes it is just the led on secs….

Mohammed Tabish November 15, Make sure the adapter outputs correct voltage.

It starts up toshiba a15-s127 a few seconds and shuts off just like yours. If the system works in toshiba a15-s127 configuration, I start adding parts one by one until the laptop fails again.

For how long remains to be seen. Now when I press the power button, the indicator light lits up for a few seconds before shutting off. I just bought it used 2 weeks ago and it worked fine for a week.

You can check the heatsink if you lift up the keyboard. Turn toshiba a15-s127 the laptop. So here toshiba a15-s127 symptoms: I had this problem, I tried every tutorial I could find on the internet, and I followed every HP tutorial for my computer model. Chris December 3, Zak August 20, I removed the battery and plug in the foshiba and tried again but it showed the same problem.

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tosgiba How do you connect to an external monitor to check if the lcd is the source of the problem? So, please do try just taking your battery out, then powering up your toshiba a15-s127. I am heartened by this because toshiba a15-s127 I can replace the fan tosiba if it is the fan and not a wire going to the fan hopefully be in good shape. So, the only power toshiba a15-s127 the laptop is getting is from the CMOS battery. Illusionist April 3, Any ideas on how I can fix?

Laptop turns on for a moment and shuts down | Laptop Repair

Ever seen this before or have toshiba a15-s127 suggestions? I switched it off, used a vacuum cleaner to clean up cooler and heat sink then started it up.

THe power button does nothing. It easily could be just a failed memory. Joey February 27, toshiba a15-s127 This will flush any residual charge.